About Us

"Eyes without lashes are like cake without frosting!"

Make Me Glow Lashes started as a project back in 2018 and has then evolved in to a full business. When our C.E.O decided to take this leap of faith she knew she wanted to do it on her own. By doing so not only would she prove women can be independent minds but also that women are capable of conquering in the business world self made. That is why here at Make Me Glow Lashes we take great pride in naming our lashes after empowering words for every soul! Offering over 20 styles of 3D Mink and Silk lashes we have a pair for every taste. We strongly believe everyone should look and feel amazing without breaking the bank. Top quality and unique styles at an amazing price!

Because, eyes without lashes are like cake without frosting!

                       - Make Me Glow Team

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